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4K/60p Surgical Field Camera System
 Ultra-High Definition, medical-grade camera system with fully integrated triaxial mount for capturing surgical proceedings.

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Capturing surgical proceedings in detail is vital for various purposes. The CuratOR SC430-PTR clearly captures the surgical field in 4K UHD resolution, and comes fully integrated with a triaxial camera mount for versatile positioning.

  • 4K ultra high definition resolution at 60p
  • 30x optical zoom for clear, close-up images
  • Integrated triaxial camera mount with pan, tilt, and roll
  • Intuitive camera movement for simple operation
  • Single cable connection between camera head and CCU
  • Smooth positioning even under high zoom
  • Attach to ceiling arms with VESA for obstruction-free video

The specifications can be found under Downloads.

Disponible prochainement

+41 44 782 24 40 (at)

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4K UHD resolution   

The surgical field camera captures images in 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) with a progressive 60 Hz signal for smooth, high definition images of the surgical site.  

Zoom into narrow target areas in detail   

The camera lens has up to 30x optical zoom, allowing the camera to easily zoom into small target areas. Even when positioned at a safe distance, the camera can clearly zoom into and capture narrow surgical sites in detail.   

Fully Integrated Camera Mount    

The camera head comes fully integrated on a camera mount with +/-170 degrees pan, +90 to -30 degrees tilt, and +/-165 degrees roll to ensure that the field of view can be adjusted to the ideal location with ease.   

Intuitive panning and tilting direction   

The camera head is integrated with the camera mount, allowing left and right, and up and down movements to remain parallel to the field of view, even after rolling. When panning or tilting, the camera head moves in relation to the field of view, rather than the position of the camera head like unintegrated cameras. This ensures intuitive and effortless panning and tilting.  

Smooth positioning at high zoom     

With unique and intelligent stepping technology, as the camera zooms in, the pan, tilt, and roll movements slow down to prevent the field of view from moving too quickly. With easily controllable movements, even under high zoom, preparation for surgery is made quicker and easier.  

Convenient camera control from anywhere   

Camera movement, focus, and white balance can be adjusted using the front panel of the Camera Control Unit (CCU), or the supplied wireless remote control. Additionally, the CCU panel and optional wired remote control come with a joystick for intuitive control. The camera can also be controlled from OR software, such as CuratOR Caliop.  

One cable connection for easy installation

The integrated camera head and mount can be connected to the CCU via a single cable which not only supplies video and audio, but also power. This makes installation quick and easy, as well as reduces cable clutter.   

Obstruction-free viewing

Typical surgical field cameras attach to the center of surgical lights, where the surgeon's head or arms may obstruct the field of view. The VESA compliant SC430-PTR can be attached to designated ceiling arms, allowing it to be positioned independent of lighting to avoid possible obstructions.  

Voice capture for comprehensive review

When reviewing surgical footage, audio is often required to hear how the doctors and nurses communicate. The SC430-PTR records sound at the same time as video, providing a high definition video with synched audio. This allows viewers to clearly hear and see the proceedings of a surgery.  

Versatile connectivity   

The SC430-PTR comes with 3G-SDI and HDMI output terminals, for outputting 4K or full HD video at 60p/50p. 

Rest assured with medical qualifications

This device meets the strictest medical, safety, and EMC emission standards.

Température ambiante (en fonctionnement)0 - 40 °C
Garantie2 ans
Contenu de la livraisonAdaptateur secteur / AC adapter, AC power cord, Signal cable (25 m),, IR remote, Rubber feet x 4, ND filter, Instructions for use