CuratOR Caliop

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The software for efficient OR integration (RUS)

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CuratOR Caliop consists of different Elements which function independently from one another and can be separately purchased based on need.

  • Simple and intuitive menu navigation
  • Manufacturer-independent integration
  • Designed for use with mouse and touchscreen
  • Only one user interface is necessary
  • Modules can be added on and additional Elements can be purchased later
  • Saves time and money
  • Uncomplicated administration

Disponible prochainement

+41 44 782 24 40 (at)

Basic Functions

Independent of  other elements that can be optionally installed, Caliop comes equipped with a series of basic functions that support workflows in the OR.


The Dashboard can be filled with quick links to frequently used functions and overviews, such as a running timer. The configuration of the dashboard can be set up and saved individually for different users and user groups.


In addition to the main menu bar in which all Caliop modules are integrated, a task bar shows all current processes with their progress.

Stopwatch and timers 

Stopwatches and timers are created in a particularly effective design. Two clocks that surgeons can check at a glance can be running at the same time.

Extra service connection

With the extra service called Caliop Connection, an extra connection between the software and the IT infrastructure at the hospital can be established. Connection creates the links to patients' electronic health records (EHR) from HIS/RIS or PACS. Non-medical archives can also be linked.

CuratOR – Reliable Technology from a Single Source

EIZOWith CuratOR, EIZO offers complete solutions for the integrated OR and the control room. This means there are no limits in terms of developing solutions thanks to the comprehensive EIZO product line.

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