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Two integrated monitors:

24" IPS LED panel, 2,3 MP, 1920 x 1200 pixels, 16:10, 350 cd/m², contrast 1000:1 

49" LED Full HD panel, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9, 700 cd/m², contrast 1300:1

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The Surgical Panel SP2-24-49 with two integrated monitors as well as build-in IT and video management components is a digital image viewing system, designed for use in the operating room. Integrated into the hospital’s IT structure, it supports various workflows. The SP2-24-49 forms a space-saving combination of HIS and PACS station. Different applications are covered by just one device.n. 

  • Built-in 24” (touchscreen option) and 49” monitor
  • Workstation for image viewing and documentation
  • Flexible choice of material, configuration and accessories
  • Completely sealed within the OR and disinfectible

    Disponible prochainement

    +41 44 782 24 40
    info.ch (at) eizo.com

    CuratOR – Reliable Technology from a Single Source

    EIZOWith CuratOR, EIZO offers complete solutions for the integrated OR and the control room. This means there are no limits in terms of developing solutions thanks to the comprehensive EIZO product line.

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    Individually customized housing

    The housing dimensions can be customized, the housing material can be rendered in steel, stainless steel, glass, or a combination of these materials. The color selection is usually from the RAL range but other options are also available.

    Various monitors

    Much freedom when selecting number, size und type of the integrated monitors. Partially they can be configured as touchscreens.

    Flexible IT and video management

    The modular interior design allows customer-specific configuration and uncomplicated servicing.

    Dust and water proof

    The Surgical Panel is completely sealed within the OR, thus it can easily be cleaned and disinfected. With intelligent heat distribution over the entire front, it does not even require a ventilation system.

    Varied accessories

    Digital watches, speakers, cameras, on-air lights, barcode readers, as well as docking stations for peripheral devices such as audio players, and data storage devices can be integrated. Furthermore, a tailor-made interface integration is possible.

    Easy Maintenance and Service

    The trunk principle allows the device to be opened without complicated disassembly, because of its unique locking system no screw connections have to be opened. This makes the maintenance of installed components easy and efficient.

    Different Mounting Options

    Due to the device‘s construction, surface-mounted or flush-mounted installation is possible, depending on assembly options on site.

    CouleurAvailable in every RAL color
    Technologie du panneauIPS
    StandardUBS 2.0 / 3.0 x 2
    Alimentation100-240 V, 50-60 Hz / 4 - 2 A
    Consommation d'électricité max.326.4 W
    Dimensions (encastrement frontal, l x h x p)2030 x 930 x 120 mm
    Poid (encastrement frontal)95 kg
    Marque de contrôleIEC/EN60601-1 (3rd edition), RoHS, WEEE