Thin Client Mount

The bracket is suitable for EV3240X and EV2740X

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Product image PCSK-04-BK
Product image PCSK-04-WT

EIZO Thin-Client mount PCSK-04

Assembly information

  • The bottom portion of the mount is screwed into the stand
  • The upper portion of the mount is placed and secured onto the lower portion with the pre-installed Thin Client
  • Thin Clients are ideal as they can be screwed into the upper portion of the mount using the existing VESA holes
  • When using a Thin Client mount, please ensure that it does not exceed the maximum weight limit* of 1.5 kg, including the cable

*) Depending on the centre of gravity of the client with the cable, the solution can also remain secure at a higher weight. We would be happy to provide information about this.


Exemplary illustration of the PCSK-03R-BK


Exemplary illustration of the PCSK-03R-WT