CuratOR Case Study

University Hospital rechts der Isar

EIZO, tried and tested beyond the OR: New EIZO System for the Central Emergency Room at University Hospital rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany


“To know is to heal” is the motto at University Hospital rechts der Isar in Munich. For employees of the hospital, this means that research into new diagnostic and treatment methods plays a key role alongside the provision of exceptional patient care.

This approach also applies to the central interdisciplinary emergency room at the university hospital. Thus, where possible it is important to provide extensive information about current emergency cases to all employees in a central and organized manner in order to provide patients with optimal care. This has recently been facilitated by the EIZO system configured at University Hospital rechts der Isar.

Special Requirements in the Emergency Room

In 2014, the trauma room was put into service with a directly connected CT scanner, including control room.

The trauma room was used in an interdisciplinary manner. A plethora of information is therefore collectively displayed on the large display screens, such as CT images, vital parameters, patient data, a stopwatch, and even live imaging from the helicopter landing pad. This requires high-resolution monitors and a swift and secure image transfer. The technology is in continuous operation, as the system must be available immediately during emergency situations. Fritz Seidl, part of the hospital management for trauma surgery at the time, further explains: “The time pressure in the trauma room is immense. A robust finish to the display screens with safety glass and hygienic protective casing is imperative.” These special requirements for the technology in the emergency room required the system to be re-tendered in 2020 with regards to image display.


The EIZO system is an all-inclusive package when it comes to its application in the trauma room.

Fritz Seidl

Hospital management trauma surgery at University Hospital rechts der Isar

The all-inclusive Package

The EIZO system – outstanding in terms of its price/performance ratio – not only meets all technical requirements, it is an “all-inclusive package when it comes to its application in the trauma room,” says Fritz Seidl, explaining the EIZO decision. The required scope of services was once again clearly defined during several initial meetings and project discussions with EIZO’s specialist retailer, SQ-Labs, and with the involvement of all relevant employees from the medical technology and IT sectors and emergency room and trauma surgery leads.

A CuratOR Surgical Panel was employed in both the trauma room and the CT room. These large, 55-inch screens with 4K resolution both display the same video signals in a layout of 6 display windows. Image signal distribution was taken over by the EIZO Large Monitor Manager LMM0802-HDM. This has 8 HDMI signal inputs and 2 outputs. One of the two output signals is provided for streaming purposes via an encoder. Three EIZO DuraVision Encoders DX0211-IP (Successor model: DX0212-IP) also make it possible to retrieve information from the trauma room via streaming at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) for lectures, for example, and in the monitoring room. The university hospital is therefore well prepared for future applications.

Project management presented pandemic-related circumstances, such as lockdown, delivery delays, and distancing regulations as particular challenges. The project was successfully concluded through outstanding collaboration with the university hospital.

The EIZO System in Use

The image display of the independently running EIZO system is preconfigured and automatically provides all necessary imaging information in specific windows. There is therefore no need to switch between individual cases. It was possible to put the system into operation without a familiarization phase and it has been working reliably ever since.
Dr. med. Michael Dommasch, chief of the central emergency room at University Hospital rechts der Isar, is pleased.


The EIZO system displays all patient data collectively in the trauma room on the large display screens. In critical situations, in particular, this contributes to patient safety.

Dr. med. Michael Dommasch

Chief of the central emergency room at University Hospital rechts der Isar

Equipped for the Future

There are a multitude of options and functions offered by the integrated EIZO system, which is yet to be used at the university hospital. The next step would be to discuss and realize any possible modifications to further enhance the benefits of the EIZO system in daily hospital life and in the emergency room.

About the Hospital

The Technical University of Munich’s rechts der Isar hospital is dedicated to healthcare, research and teaching, with around 6,600 employees. Approximately 65,000 inpatients and more than 250,000 outpatients benefit from medical care of the highest quality each year. Home to state-of-the-art care, the hospital covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine. Thanks to the close collaboration between medical care and research, patients benefit from new discoveries during scientific studies early on. Since 2003, rechts der Isar hospital has been an institution under public law of the Free State of Bavaria.