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Future polygraphers learn with EIZO.


In viscom's inter-company courses, future polygraphers are trained on EIZO ColorEdge monitors so that they are ready for their professional life in image processing and typography.

Training to become a polygraph is based on three pillars: vocational training at the training company, where the practical aspects are covered, the vocational school, which provides the theoretical framework, and the inter-company courses, which form a link between theory and practice and in which individual topics are dealt with in greater depth.

viscom, the Swiss Association for Visual Communication, runs these inter-company courses in Aarau, Basel, Bern, Chur, St. Gallen, Weinfelden, Zurich, Yverdon and Ticino.

"The CS2420 has fulfilled all our wishes for a monitor!"

In the course room in Aarau, Stefan Senn, IT Purchasing, and Adrian Sutter, polygraphy instructor, explain why they appreciate working with EIZO monitors.

Stefan Senn

IT Purchasing entire viscom

Adrian Sutter

Instructor üK Polygraphy

Why did you decide in favour of EIZO monitors?
Stefan Senn: We tested around 10 monitors from different manufacturers. What tipped the scales in favour of EIZO: the ColorEdge CS2420 offers outstanding colour-accurate image quality - and it can be hardware calibrated. It was therefore the only one with this function that was fully within our budget.

What else speaks in favour of the CS2420?
Adrian Sutter: Quite simply. We didn't expect there to be a monitor that would fulfil our entire wish list, especially within the given budget. But with the ColorEdge CS2420, everything was just right!

Stefan Senn: With the CS2420, we have a model for the consumer sector, but with similarly good features as for professional use - and at an interesting price.

Did the 5-year warranty also play a role?
Stefan Senn: Yes, because no other manufacturer offers this, only with a warranty extension, which has to be paid for additionally. This means that the amortisation period lasts up to 6 years, which is an important cost-saving factor for us. And we also appreciate the excellent, personalised support!


What exactly do the trainees use the CS2420 monitors for?
Adrian Sutter: For layout, image processing and graphics. In photography, it's mainly about image skills, i.e. assessing and editing photos with Camera Raw or Lightroom. You work with Adobe CC incl. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, in digital publishing with the InDesign plug-in Twixl. This involves creating navigation concepts and applying screen-specific typography.

How do you benefit from hardware calibration?
Stefan Senn: After calibration, the image really does look the same on all monitors. With software-calibratable monitors, we invested a lot of time in calibration, with the result that the image was still not displayed the same on all screens.

Other factors that are important for use in schools?
Adrian Sutter: The wide viewing angle is perfect when we are looking at something on the monitor with students. This means that the view of the screen is the same for everyone, which simplifies and standardises the assessment. 

Stefan Senn: The monitors are very stable, which is a relevant point in daily use at a school. The base is easy to turn and the fact that the monitors are height-adjustable is of course ideal for users of different heights. And even if that wasn't a criterion, we are pleased that the monitors simply look good for longer thanks to their robustness.

The trainees use the monitors for layout, image processing and graphics. Photography is mainly about image skills, i.e. assessing and editing photos with Camera Raw or Lightroom. They work with Adobe CC incl. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, in digital publishing with the InDesign plug-in Twixl. The aim here is to create navigation concepts and apply screen-specific typography.

A total of 45 ColorEdge CS2420 monitors are used in the practical courses at viscom.

Job description polygrapher

Polygraphers create and edit texts and images for print and screen media. They define the specifications for publications in an appropriate and media-compatible manner according to typographical and design rules; create or prepare publications for print or screen media, obtain the "go-ahead", make corrections and finalise the templates; correct texts according to grammatical, orthographical and typographical rules. They work either in a print shop, in a graphics studio, in an advertising agency or for an online service provider, in short: wherever printed matter or websites are produced.


About viscom

viscom is the Swiss Association for Visual Communication. With around 750 member companies, viscom is the leading employers' and entrepreneurs' association in the graphic arts industry. viscom comprises traditional print companies as well as companies that are active in the areas of conception, design, production and distribution of processed, visible information and is involved in training and further education.