Image optimisation systems

EVS1VX DuraVision

The DuraVision EVS1VX is an image enhancement system which analyses and processes video footage in real time. The DuraVision EVS1VX has advanced adjustment options and optional features.

Product image EVS1VX DuraVision

Image optimization system

For improved visibility

Numerous areas of application

EIZO's image enhancement systems improve visibility in a variety of situations where the accurate review of video content is required, whether it's visual inspection by people or machine evaluation including AI.

Areas such as security (visibilty of suspicious activities and objects), monitoring (detection of irregularities and defects), infrastructure maintenance (maintenance and early detection of dangers) and image analysis benefit from the optimised detectability of video recordings.


Better visibility in real time

The EVS1VX is equipped with EIZO's patented Visibility Optimizer technology which analyses and adjusts images pixel by pixel in real time.

Optimize difficult to recognise images

The DuraVision EVS1VX detects and corrects areas of the image which are difficult to see due to low light or haze. The solution handles both dark and light areas of the image by adjusting the brightness of each pixel while maintaining detail for a realistic sense of depth. Not only is this useful for surveillance at night or in fog, but also for detecting irregularities or cracks in surfaces such as concrete.

Image processing is based on the Retinex theory, where pixels are optimised individually.


With optimized brightness


Without optimized brightness

Reduce noise at high ISO values

The DuraVision EVS1VX combines both 2D and 3D noise reduction features which enhance contours and make it easier to distinguish objects, especially when monitoring at night.

The 3D noise reduction uses visual information from the previous image and evaluates the differences with the subsequent images. This is extremely effective when monitoring static video. 2D noise reduction analyses the content on a frame-by-frame basis and is optimal for videos which contain motion or scene changes.

The DuraVision EVS1VX automatically adjusts the noise reduction method according to the content being displayed.


With noise reduction


Without noise reduction

Distinguishes details in monochrome images

The DuraVision EVS1VX improves visibility in images dominated by one colour and distinguishes small differences in brightness more easily. This is particularly useful when analysing endoscopic and pathological images or when detecting objects in underwater images.


Detailed representation


Few details visible

Image enhancement of selected areas

The DuraVision EVS1VX allows specific areas of the image to be selected for image enhancement. This allows the viewer to concentrate on the areas of interest or to limit the image enhancement to relevant areas.


Easy to use

Features for greater comfort

Set display modes and image sharpness

With the EVS Image Optimization control, display modes can be fine-tuned and image sharpness maximised through enhanced contours, contrast and brightness.

The EVS Image Optimization control is free of charge, however, connection to a Windows PC via USB (cable not included) is required for use.

The right display mode for every situation

Four pre-installed display modes (Standard, Balanced, High, Low) are available to the user. In addition, up to five custom modes can be addedand fine-tuned for specific viewing environments. The DuraVision EVS1VX can register up to 10 display modes, which the operator can switch between using the front panel buttons. Unused display modes can be removed from the list for clarity and ease of use.


Example preset display modes: 1. standard, 2. balanced, 3. high

Save still images directly to USB

The DuraVision EVS1VX allows operators to capture still images from any enhanced scene and save them directly to a USB flash drive using a USB numeric keypad. These images inherit the currently set image enhancements so they can be used for a second review or investigative purposes. This feature is also useful for tracking damage to infrastructure, such as roads, or defects in product manufacturing.


1. monitor, 2. USB numeric keypad, 3. USB stick to which optimized images can be exported and saved

Flexible connectivity

The DuraVision EVS1VX has two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and is equipped with an Ethernet port for firmware updates via a browser.


* Peripheral connections only on EVS1VX


And reliability

Two-year warranty

EIZO grants a two-year warranty. This is possible thanks to the highly developed production process based on a simple principle of success: sophisticated and innovative technology, made from high-end materials.

24/7 use

The EVS1VX is built for 24-hour use and is characterised by maximum reliability.



Environmentally and socially conscious production

Socially responsible production

The EVS1VX is produced in a socially responsible way. It is free of child labour and forced labour. Suppliers along the supply chain have been carefully selected and they have also committed themselves to produce in a socially responsible way. This applies in particular to conflict minerals. We present a detailed report about our social responsibility annually and voluntarily.


Environmentally and climate friendly

Each EVS1VX is manufactured in our own factory, which implements an environmental and energy management system in accordance with ISO 14001 und ISO 50001. This includes measures to reduce waste, wastewater and emissions, resource and energy consumption, as well as to encourage environmentally conscious behavior among employees. We publicly report on these measures on an annual basis. 


Sustainable and durable

The EVS1VX is designed to have a long service life and normally outlasts the warranty period by some distance. Replacement parts are available many years after production has ceased. The entire lifecycle takes into account the impact on the environment as the longevity of the product and the fact it can be repaired saves resources and protects the environment. When designing the EVS1VX, we took a minimalistic approach to our resources by using high-quality components and materials, as well as a careful production process.


Technical Data

Areas of application Video surveillance, Industry
Product line DuraVision
Areas of application Image optimisation systems, Video surveillance
Features & Operation
Optional features (licence required) capture and save still images, compression artefact reduction, advanced colour differentiation, 3D noise reduction
24/7 operation
Image enhancement process Preset, Picture section selection, Visibility Optimizer X
Video formats 1080/50p, 720/50p, 720/59,94p, 720/60p, 1080/59,94p, 1080/60p
Signal inputs 2x HDMI (HDCP 1.4)
Signal outputs 1x HDMI
USB specification USB 2
USB upstream ports 1 x type B
Peripheral connections 2 x Typ A
Network connection RJ-45
Control port USB-Protocol, Ethernet
Electrical data
Maximum Power Consumption [in watts] 45
Power supply AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (width x height x depth) [in mm] 240,5 x 53,2 x 143,8
Weight [in kg] 1.4
Dimension drawing (PDF) Dimension drawing (PDF)
Certification & Standards
Operating temperature 0 - 40 °C / 20-80 % (R.H., non condensing)
Certification CE, UKCA, CB, RCM, cTÜVus, FCC-A, CAN ICES-3 (A), VCCI-A, RoHS, WEEE
Software & Accessories
Other box contents AC adapter, Signal cable HDMI - HDMI, Manual via download
Warranty periode 2 years

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EIZO provides up to a five-year warranty, although some devices have a different warranty period. You can find out the exact warranty periods for each product either in the warranty terms and conditions above, in the datasheet, or on the EIZO international website. The long warranty periods are made possible by a highly developed manufacturing process based on a simple principle of success: sophisticated and innovative monitor technology, manufactured from high-end materials. For you, the 5-year warranty means a high level of investment security and savings on follow-up costs (total cost of ownership), which would be incurred without warranty service, for example, for maintenance and repairs.

  • Innovative service concept from EIZO, which sets standards and meets the trend towards longer depreciation periods. Safety that convinces and you can count on.
  • First-class material and careful processing provide for the extraordinary longevity and make so long guarantee durations possible.
  • Follow-up costs that would be incurred without warranty service, e.g. for maintenance and repairs, are avoided and lead to optimized cost transparency (Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
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