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Quick Color Match is a software that makes complex color management workflow much easier for home inkjet printers.

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Adobe, Canon, Epson, and EIZO

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You can use Quick Color Match by dragging and dropping to make the necessary adjustments to monitor, software, and print settings. This allows you to quickly and easily match the monitor display and printout with each other.

Quick Color Match was developed by EIZO in cooperation with Adobe, Canon, and Epson. In close collaboration with leading global companies in the creative industry, EIZO developed a quick and easy software programme for printing photos on home inkjet printers.

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Fast and Easy Colour Management

If the hardware and software settings are not matched, even the best computer hardware cannot display the correct colours. First the monitor settings are affected, then the colour settings of the image editing software, and finally the printer settings. If just one of these settings is incorrect, the monitor display often does not match the printout.

With Quick Color Match, all you need to do is select the paper and the software makes the necessary adjustments to the colour management settings, allowing you to quickly and easily match the monitor display and printout with each other.

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Quick Color Match Makes These Colour Management Steps Easier

1. Monitor settings

As soon as you drag and drop a photo onto Quick Color Match, the software automatically regulates the white balance, brightness, gamma, and gamut (Adobe RGB) of the ColorEdge monitor and creates a profile for these settings in the operating system.

2. Image editing software settings

Quick Color Match opens the image in the image editing programme (Photoshop CC is recommended) and activates the softproofing view for the connected printer and paper to be used. You can then see how the image looks on the selected paper.

3. Printer settings

Once the image has been edited, Quick Color Match transfers the photo to the Epson Print Layout print plug-in or Canon Print Studio Pro and selects the colour settings recommended by EIZO. Now all you have to do is decide on the size of the printout and the margin width.

4. Image evaluation

It is very important to have the right lighting when comparing the monitor display to the printout. We recommend using a light source with a defined light temperature (standard light) of 5,000 or 6,500 Kelvin. This value should also be set in the Quick Color Match settings as white balance of the monitor. This ensures that the printout is not affected.

EIZO ColorNavigator or Quick Color Match?


ColorNavigator is a monitor adjustment software – a professional programme that gives you numerous configuration options for the hardware calibration of ColorEdge monitors. ColorNavigator allows you to make complex adjustments and is easy to use, even for beginners. The settings of the image editing software or the printer do not affect ColorNavigator.

ColorNavigator Screenshot

Quick Color Match

Quick Color Match makes all the necessary adjustments to the colour management settings in the image editing workflow for home printing. It allows users – including the ones who are relatively new to colour management – to quickly and easily match the monitor display and printout with each other. Quick Color Match also offers a feature for regularly calibrating the monitor.

Quick Color Match Screenshot

Technical Data

Device Requirements for Quick Color Match



EIZO ColorEdge monitors

Canon printers


Epson printers

SC-P400, SC-P600, SC-P700, SC-P800, SC-P900, Series, Stylus Photo R2000, Stylus Photo R3000

Canon print plug-in

Print Studio Pro Vers. 2.2.0 and higher

Epson print plug-in

Epson Print Layout Vers. 1.3.5 and higher


Adobe Photoshop CC / CS6 (recommended), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Canon Digital Professional, Nikon ViewNX-i (these programs must be manually configured). Colour matching is done via the print plug-in rather than the image editing software.

Operating systems

Windows 10 / 8.1, macOS Sierra (10.12) or later

Canon paper

Photo Paper Pro Platinum, Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo Paper Pro Luster, Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte, Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, Matte Photo Paper

Epson paper

Premium Glossy, Semigloss, Premium Luster, Archival Matte, Matte, Velvet Fine Art Paper, UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper

ILFORD paper

Gold Fibre Silk, Gold Fibre Gloss, Smooth Cotton Rag, Textured Cotton Rag, Smooth Pearl, Smooth Gloss

Pictorico paper

Pro Hi-Gloss White Film, Pro Hi-Gloss Photo Paper, Pro Semi-Gloss Paper, Pro Cotton Paper, Pro Soft-Gloss Paper, Pro Design Paper Plus, GEKKO Blue

Hahnemühle paper

FineArt Baryta, Photo Rag Baryta, Photo Rag, Photo Rag Bright White, Photo Rag Ultra Smooth, German Etching, Photo Luster, Photo Matt Fibre

SIHL paper

Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290, High Gloss Photo Paper 300, Lustre Photo Paper 300, Lustre Photo Paper Duo 300, Satin Baryta Paper 295, Smooth Matt Cotton Paper 320, Textured Matt Cotton Paper 320

Tecco paper

PHOTO PM230 Matt, PHOTO PL285 Luster, PHOTO PUW285 Glossy Ultra White, PHOTO PFR220 DUO Fine Art Rag, PHOTO GB330 Galleryboard, PHOTO BT270 Baryt, PHOTO BMT275 Baryt Matt

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Quick Color Match

Quick Color Match simplifies the colour management workflow for home inkjet printing.


EIZO provides up to a five-year warranty, although some devices have a different warranty period. You can find out the exact warranty periods for each product either in the warranty terms and conditions above, in the datasheet, or on the EIZO international website. The long warranty periods are made possible by a highly developed manufacturing process based on a simple principle of success: sophisticated and innovative monitor technology, manufactured from high-end materials. For you, the 5-year warranty means a high level of investment security and savings on follow-up costs (total cost of ownership), which would be incurred without warranty service, for example, for maintenance and repairs.

  • Innovative service concept from EIZO, which sets standards and meets the trend towards longer depreciation periods. Safety that convinces and you can count on.
  • First-class material and careful processing provide for the extraordinary longevity and make so long guarantee durations possible.
  • Follow-up costs that would be incurred without warranty service, e.g. for maintenance and repairs, are avoided and lead to optimized cost transparency (Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
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